Wednesday, June 30, 2010

70s belt styles are back

Manufacturers at all points of the price spectrum expect wider belt styles -- some that reach to two inches -- to attract contemporary accessories buying dollars at the Las Vegas show.

Manufacturers are tying the '90s jeans belts back into the '70s looks with:

* Peace, love, sun and other hippie details in silver buckle treatments;

* The pilgrim buckle that echoes the men's footwear market;

* Oil-tan leather and nubuck suede fabrications;

* Perforated belts or leather items that feature punctures for an "airier" look;

* Whipstitching, braids and other Western details that were big in the late '70s during the heyday of the Urban Cowboy;

* Workwear-inspired heavy belts that feature double-prong buckles and other industrial details.

The grunge and Ragamuffin looks that took over designer runways in January are also being interpreted in men's leather belt collections -- albeit in a more mainstream, watered-down version.

hip hop belt buckles

Turntable Belt Buckle
Chrome $100 Bills Belt Buckle
Boom Box Ghetto Blaster Belt Buckle
Cassette Tape Belt Buckle
Chrome TEENIDOL Belt Buckle


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