Saturday, July 17, 2010

Batman 3D Black Symbol Blue Background Belt Buckle

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From GTO we have the Batman 3D Black Symbol Blue Background Belt Buckle.

(A Little Batman Fact) The Batman saga takes place in Gotham City, a city overrun with crime and corruption. Its citizens live in perpetual fear from the vast number of costumed criminals, gangs and common thugs. In an effort to combat the aforementioned villains, Batman preys upon their fear. Secretly, the Batman is billionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne, a young socialite who witnessed his parents' murder during a mugging at the age of 8. Batman utilizes his keen analytical mind and sophisticated technology and gadgetry as well as outstanding physical agility, power and stamina to ensure that criminals never feel safe in Gotham. In the eyes of the public, the Batman is believed to be something more than human: an indeterminable black specter that represents terror. This allows him to become an iconic urban legend, which in turn allows him to do things an ordinary man cannot.

Batman Belt Buckle Attributes
*4” across, 2 ¼” high, about ¼” thick.

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