Friday, October 29, 2010

buckles brassiere buckles-Silver Surfer

Enclosed picture for your reference, if you are interested in them please tell us the concrete No. u r interested or your other requirements/suggestions   wooden button, wooden olive button,; alloy button, alloy waist button,alloy xiangquan button, brass button,Roller metal buckles ,Alloy hooks; fashion buttons,Resin buttons; Resin button for wind coat,Resin laser buttons for shirt,Resin laser button for western-style clothes, stoppers&cordens,Stoppers&barrel locks toggles., Chinese knot., Coconut buttons. Cap designs (open cap)&17MM single color  Cap designs 14MM&eyelet Nylon plastic buttons. Nylon can dye Metal tips Metal rings electroplate ABC Dabai buckle Sihe buckle. Shell buttons Prong snap buttons Plug-in buttons Inserting buttons waistband buckle suspender buckles Ox horn buttons Limitation leather buttons Brassiere buckles etc.   

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