Saturday, October 30, 2010

Clothing Accessories Material aluminum metal mesh (GS02)-gangsta belt buckle

Our products are called aluminum metal mesh or metal net, which is the most popular among the fashion products in recent years. Metal net belonging to hardware and different from the hardware in industry is separate. Aluminum is packed stuffing shape from the sideways firstly, and then threaded through the middle by the aluminum silk. From the front, it looks uniform as mats, and from the back looks complicated. We have developed two shapes, such as the clip shape and pearl shape, usually 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm. Metal net has wonderful decorative effect, which looks like a kind of metal squama. In the light change irregularly, it can show charming and gorgeous color, because you can alternate the shape of the metal net at will. Metal net made of aluminum touches cold. At present the developed metal nets are mainly used for the production of fashionable lady's bags, satchels and various of women's clothing. Accessory aspects materials used widely can be made into toys, decorations and so on.

We have another way to use it which is smeared a hat melt adhesive film and we call it hot fix metal met. We can cut it into kinds of shapes and patterns. With wonderful colors, if you affix them on clothes and bags, you will get wonderful decorative effect, and then increase the value of your products.

Our products with a number of national environmental certification can contact with skin immediately.


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